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The Importance of Having a Board Certified Entomologist on Staff

When you are looking for a pest control specialist to help rid yourself of a pest infestation, or prevent future problems, it is important that you hire a qualified professional. You can do so by looking at the certifications of the entomology certifications of the person you will be hiring.

There are two common entomology certifications that you will most likely encounter:

  • The Associate Certified Entomologist, and
  • The Board Certified Entomologist.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Associate Certification

Those who have received their Associate Certification have proven that they have developed a fundamental knowledge of entomology. This means that they can identify pests, understand their life cycles, and apply control measures.

This certification shows that an individual understands the basic principles of pest control, the technologies used, the environmental impacts, and the health impacts of pests and pest control. Those who receive the associate certification typically receive on the job hands on training in order to learn the practical aspects of applied entomology.

Pest control professionals who are board certified, such as our very own Joseph Azzarello, have demonstrated that they have the knowledge required of the Associate Certification and much more.

Board Certification

In order to become Board Certified, one must first complete a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctoral degree in entomology or a related field. In addition to this degree, to be eligible for the board certification, you must have several years of hands on experience and training. Board Certified Entomologists have proven their professional qualifications at the highest levels of expertise and difficulties.  In order to remain board certified, there is a requirement of 30 hours of continuing education per year.

What it Means to Find a Pest Control Professional That is Certified

So, why does this certification matter to you, the consumer?

Pest control professionals work with complex chemicals and treatments that are meant to protect the health and safety of you and your family. By choosing a professional that has received his or her entomology certification, you know that you are working with someone with experience, and someone who has proven qualifications and the ability to provide you with excellent service.

By pursing entomology certification, pest control professionals show that they want to be the best that what they do. It also means that they want to stay educated and up to date on the latest changes and discoveries in the pest control industry. A certified entomologist is going to be able to assess your pest problem, no matter how unique, correctly and design a pest control treatment plan that is innovative as well as effective.

Meet OUR Board Certified Entomologist – Mr. Joseph Azzarello

In 1975, Azzarello received a master’s degree in Public Health from Tulane University. This professional degree, coupled with his Bachelor of Science degree in Entomology from LSU, directly impacted the credibility of the company in the business and professional community and contributed significantly to the company’s continuing growth.

In 1976, Azzarello became the first and only Board Certified Entomologist in the state of Louisiana working in the pest control industry, and since then has been working hard to make sure each and every Dial One customer enjoys the benefits of having our very own Board Certified Entomologist on staff!

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