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The Importance of Pest Control in Restaurants

If you are a restaurant owner and want to get some free coverage via the news media, let someone take a picture (or worse a video) of a rat scurrying across the floor of your business.  You probably recognize this popular image from the USA Today:

PEST Control

The New Orleans area is known for its many great restaurants, and keeping your establishment totally free from pests is something that simply cannot be ignored.

When any type of reviews or reports of pest problems or low sanitation grades from health inspections are posted at the restaurant, many customers will simply turn around before they take a seat or place an order.

Even worse, in today’s active social media world, word-of-mouth is the most damaging form of critique and it can ruin the reputation of a restaurant if it becomes known that there is evidence of pests in the establishment.

A Healthy Commercial Kitchen

The cornerstone of any healthy commercial kitchen is pest control. Any type of pest infestation can quickly ruin inventory long before the problem drives away customers. FoodService.com indicates that cockroaches, rodents, flies and stored-product pests are the leading insects that restaurants deal with in the US.  In addition, there is the cost involved in food spoilage along with the risks of physical damage to the structure of the restaurant (i.e. gnawing rats on wiring and termites).

A Pest Free Environment

Anyone that manages or owns a restaurant needs to follow basic steps to ensure that the establishment remains pest free. This can eliminate the substantial harm to the business as a result of an ineffective pest control solution. This is best performed by a licensed certified pest control technician that has years of training and understanding how to maintain control insect populations in and around the restaurant.

  • A Thorough Void Inspection – The technician will make sure that there are no voids or openings from the outside to the inside that allow pests to penetrate. These types of entry points can range from improper seals to foundation issues.

  • Inspecting the Surrounding Grounds – Long-standing puddles outdoors or any indoor plumbing problem can often lead to recurring standing water. It is imperative to fix this problem and eliminate the breeding grounds for many types of pests.

  • A Focus on Cleanliness – Whenever food is left out inside, it can create serious pest control problems. It is important to always clean up any spill and remove food scraps. Basic restaurant sanitation is highly critical in maintaining a high level of cleanliness in both the back and front of the house of the restaurant.

Utilizing Pest Control Services

When the financial status of the restaurant is so critically tied to its level of cleanliness and providing a sanitary environment to the customer, using do-it-yourself solutions for pest control is never a good option.

A licensed pest control company will have the skills and knowledge to thoroughly inspect the outside and inside of the restaurant. They can find any existing evidence of pests and create a solid solution for exterminating them all. In addition, they can focus on serious problems that need remedy to avoid any future infestation or access of insects from the outside.

To be highly successful, the restaurant needs to participate in routine scheduled inspections and treatments. They need to train all employees on how to spot pest control problems. In addition, they can emphasize how each employee has a role in sanitation by making strict guidelines on the importance of cleanliness in the establishment.

With proper methods set firmly in place, the restaurant owner, the employees and the professional pest control service can rid the establishment of insects and critters that could cause the financial demise of the restaurant.

Image Source:  USAToday

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