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What is a pest inspection and why would I need one?

Have you been lying in bed at night and heard a scratching sound coming from your attic? Or did you open the cabinet and find ants scurrying about? If so it might be time for a pest inspection.

A pest inspection is what we perform when we come to your home or business to assess the problems you may be having. We want to get a look at the pests themselves if possible, or if not, we will inspect the evidence they have left behind. At the end of an inspection you should expect a recommendation for controlling or removing the pests.

Tell-tale signs you may need a pest inspection include:

  • You hear sounds in the walls or attic indicating an animal is present
  • You find damage to your home on the exterior or interior.
  • If an infestation is found – this may include eggs, maggots or actual bugs
  • You have seen a steady increase of pests in the home or in a localized area
  • If family members or pets show signs of bites, irritation or increased allergies
  • If there are droppings or signs of damage to food sources or in storage areas
  • If the walls have a hollow sound when knocked upon
  • If your trash cans or pet food has been knocked over or torn into

Another important reason…

It is also recommended to book a consultation if you are buying or selling a home in Louisiana to ensure the property is up to grade. In certain cases, the buyer or lender may require an inspection to verify that the house is free of pests, especially potentially damaging ones such as termites.

What Happens During a Pest Inspection?

An inspection may last around 30 minutes to an hour, during which time a qualified pest technician should make a thorough inspection of the home or business. They will check high-risk areas such as, attics, crawlspaces, under porches and in areas where water or damp conditions may be present.

Once they are done, the technician should be able to provide you with any details regarding their findings. This may include the success or failure of previous pest control methods which have been applied and may confirm if the problem has been resolved or if it is likely to require attention.

When everything is done, you should expect to get a written estimate of what it will cost to get control of the pest problem. Also if you are getting the inspection for real estate purposes, you should get a report of findings, as this documentation may be required when buying or selling your home.

No matter what, a pest inspection should be a hassle-free and low-pressure experience. At Dial One Franklynn Pest Control, our technicians are here to help solve your pest control problems, so that you can forget about pests and critters and worry about more important things in your life!


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