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Why Termidor is so effective for termite control

With so many choices in termite control solutions, Dial One Pest Control often turns to Termidor. Find out why.

Termidor, manufactured by BASF, is considered in the industry to be 100% effective in the complete eradication of termite colonies in less than 90 days. It is so highly effective because it eradicates termites by using two methods including contact and ingestion. The product is designed to be undetectable to the damaging pests, which tend to freely forage in areas that have been treated and unknowingly ingest, pick up the fatal chemical and transfer it throughout the entire termite population.

As a viable solution for eradicating subterranean termites in the Deep South, Termidor works by using only a small dosage of its active ingredient (0.06%). It is proven deadly for subterranean termites, such as Formosan termites, along with dry wood and damp wood termites all throughout Louisiana. It can tackle high moisture areas in a variety of different climates and environments.

Flexible Application Options

As an insecticide and termiticide, Termidor has a variety of flexible application options. The professional pest control technician uses a variety of solutions for treating termites and other pests around the structure. Generally, the certified professional technician applies Termidor in a liquid dilution around the home or structure’s foundation walls. This is to create a continuous effective treatment zone. Often referred to as “trenching and rodding,” the technician usually drills holes through hard surfaces or slabs adjacent to or in the foundation to provide maximum protection.

In addition, the technician can also treat termite active areas from inside the structure. This is often dependent on the level or extent of the infestation of termites and the damage they have been causing. Technicians also use Termidor PerimeterPlus on the exterior perimeter of the structure to provide complete protection in safeguarding against termites.

Termidor is odor free to termites, other pests and humans. Using advanced chemical formulations, Termidor has revolutionized non-repellent technology. It consistently proves to be the fastest the most effective formula available for eliminating termites, and provide a barrier against any future attack of new termite colonies for years after treatment.

Better Than Baiting Systems

The product is much better than traditional bait systems that often require many months or even years to effectively control a colony. As a non-repellent solution, Termidor allows termites to continue foraging through the treated soil, come in direct contact with a lethal dose and take it back into the colony. This is far superior to repellent termiticides where any gap in the chemically treated area can be located and exploited by the termites, which often fails to achieve successful eradication.

Because of that, Termidor continues to be a premier solution for tackling destructive termite colonies on both commercial and residential structures. It works effectively and quickly. It provides a strong durable barrier against termite entry and has the ability to wipe out the entire colony in as little as 90 days. Its formulation is highly advanced and successful. Because it contains no odors and is nearly undetectable by termites, they easily transport the chemicals to others in the colony before experiencing sudden death.

For Best Results

To achieve the best results usually requires regular follow-up inspections. This will allow the technician to monitor how effective the Termidor is working to help maintain protection of the structure and control the termites over time. Additional maintenance and inspections need to be utilized whenever there is any alteration to landscaping, or subsequent home-improvement to the structure.

Termidor continues to be an effective pest control solution for anyone living in Louisiana and other areas of the Deep South.

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